Yes! And so many people don’t know at all that their upbringing is still causing them pain. I’m so glad I could reassure you a bit ❤

As I said, getting to this point took quite a while, a lot of pain and discomfort, a lot of vulnerability, tough love and self-love. The biggest lesson and the real acceptance only came, though, when I finally started noticing and actively dropping all judgment of myself, whatever the context. It’s work, but since then, I’m actually kinda completely okay with them being them.

I do want to write about (my) parents, especially in relationship to parent-ing, because it’s all intertwined, but there’s other ground I feel I want to cover first. On the other hand, our parents show up in almost everything we do, so I’m also guessing they will show up in some form in most of my future writing. (I just published a piece on perfectionism where they play a part.)

Another thing: have you heard of Human Design? I think you might like it. Basically a tool for complete self-acceptance. It’s also helped me understand so much about myself and especially my relationships with my parents. The amazing part is that all the struggles we have, especially with our parents, are right there from birth as potential for growth. Still blows my mind, and I’ve been studying it for over a year. Let me know. I’ll give you some resources :)

Sending gratitude for all of your writing right back! You have a knack for explaining all the spiritual stuff I struggle to phrase even for myself in a non-woo-woo, rational way. Just like I’ve come to see it. Thank you!

Book designer, autistic single mom, Human Design obsessive, severely klutzy chef. for HD sessions.

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