Yay! Sure I can. (rubs hands gleefully)

The first place you want to go is here and enter your birth data. The exact time is essential. If you don’t have it, enter 12 PM — if the information there then seems not at all like you, try out a couple different times of day to see what changes. This can be frustrating though when you have no idea what it all means at the start, so having your actual time is always better.

There’s enough information there to start, I think, though it is sort of cryptic at times. To supplement, Jenna Zoe is the very best at relaying the info in an undogmatic, relaxed, life-affirming, even joyful way. It may be hard to find specific information on Instagram though, so if you’re just looking for anything at all to get into the groove, start with this post and click forward from there.

Another great resource is 64keys.com. It’s a paid service, but you can take advantage of the 2-month trial period. (You don’t have to enter payment info or even cancel, they just revoke your access after 2 months, I recommend taking screenshots of everything until then. And don’t be alarmed: they made up their own terms and descriptions, kinda confusing at first)

That’s more than enough to digest at the start. It’s quite complex, this chart — just like humans ;)— so don’t worry if nothing seems to make sense at first. Just read a lot about your Type (the only thing you really need to know to create actual changes in your life, the rest can be safely treated as fun facts) and try connecting the dots in your daily life. For me, that’s when it clicked. With housework, choosing what to eat, etc, and then the big stuff.

It’s about slowly coming back to living the way that is correct for you, only you, instead of the way society and everyone else says is best. Stepping back from giving your mind the authority over your life and listening to your body, because it always knows, we just usually don’t like what it has to say at first.

Okay, I could go on :)

Thank you for the article, I’m going to read it right after I send this off!

All the best to you Marta ❤

Book designer, autistic single mom, Human Design obsessive, severely klutzy chef. https://estherpatrizia.com for HD sessions.

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