Use Your Crush As Fuel

It’s not just a feeling, it’s an invitation

Falling for you

The way I see it, the main characteristic in a crush is a perceived lack of agency over whom we have The Feels for.

“Falling in love” is handing our emotional state and well-being over to a fantasy.

Choose yourself

When I fall for someone I don’t know very well — the case for most crushes we have — I can only claim to love the parts of them I have seen. I am convinced nevertheless that I know enough, that these parts speak volumes about the rest of the person. I fail to acknowledge that I’m crushing on a product of my imagination.

Where’s the gift?

When I fall in love, I fall in love with pure potential. What I failed to see until now is that it was my own the entire time.

When we fall in love, we are really falling in love with ourselves.

We project everything we believe about ourselves onto the other person. What we love about them is what we fail to appreciate in ourselves. What triggers us in them is what we have rejected in ourselves.

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