This is great advice for some people – they benefit by serving others, looking outside of themselves.

I think you have to know yourself and what’s good for you, first and foremost.

For me – I learned in the past year that I need to do things for me and only for me, without the crippling guilt I felt for years when I my mindset was that I need to focus on others at all times, because showing up only for me would be selfish.

But it’s actually the opposite.

It’s a question of self worth and conditioning in the end. Some people need to show themselves they’re worthy of what they want by showing up for others, because they never did it before. Or they grew up believing they need to get theirs before it’s gone.

Other people, like me, thought doing things for themselves is selfish and wrong, so they need to be “selfish” – in this case, write only for themselves – first. And then they can slowly graduate to showing up for others additionally.

Book designer, autistic single mom, Human Design obsessive, severely klutzy chef. for HD sessions.

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