This is exactly how I felt for a sickeningly high proportion of the time I was living with my ex as a new mom. Also know the feeling from my teenage years. Not sure if this makes me BPD, but I finally found relief last year a couple of months after I left said ex and found out about Human Design. I have an open emotional center, which means I feel the emotions of people around me in a 10x magnified way. Of course there are contributing factors, the desperation is not all about people in your vicinity, but it does play a huge role. Every time I feel something like this coming on now — which is rarely — I first tell myself that it is not me. This information changed my life. That fizzy drink feeling (fantastic metaphor, by the way!)I get does not come from my own emotions. Just sit with that. When you know this, you can claim the power to simply remove yourself from the emotions a lot more easily, I find. Be they from a person, several people, the general atmosphere of a place, a movie, whatever. It’s not you. You, especially while you have the capacity to question yourself and your surroundings, are not the problem.

Book designer, autistic single mom, Human Design obsessive, severely klutzy chef. for HD sessions.

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