Thank you so much for sharing and being so vulnerable. I’ve felt hesitant writing at all for exactly the same reasons, but I feel like these stories need to see the light of day sooner rather than later. So by all means, keep going. I agree with Darcy — your tone is absolutely respectful. At most, I think this would illuminate things for your parents more than disappoint. Every parent knows (I hope?) they’re going to hurt their child more than they’d like. It’s human.

Actually, this article is more of a testament to what they did right than what they did wrong. That you are living with them at all during adulthood is more than enough, I think, to show that you do trust them on a deep level.

I say this because I’m in the same situation —I’ve been living with my father for 2 years now (born 1991 as well :)). Hard as fuck at first, but I finally made peace and now I’m beginning to see what a gift this has been, not just for addressing all of those issues, not to mention for my son. I was longing for “independence” so desperately up until just a few months ago that I didn’t realize how amazing this opportunity is.

A good doctor told me once that it’s easy to see that I trust my parents because I was going back instead of putting up with horrible circumstances out of pure spite. So… you’re doing great, I think.

Book designer, autistic single mom, Human Design obsessive, severely klutzy chef. for HD sessions.

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