I second Michelle’s comment, and would like to add that it shouldn't have been Taylor's job to tell you what you did wrong, but she did it anyway.

And yes, "That your co-worker was willing to gently educate you speaks to the relative minorness of the infraction, in which case, of course, you don’t throw it all out." But she shouldn't have been doing it in the first place, especially if your "minor infractions" were about women.

Think of what you're asking of people here. The ones you're asking to politely explain what the matter is deal with this shit every day, all the time. I mean, I as a white woman deal with it, but it's not nearly as much as BIPOC have to endure. And now you're asking them to patiently and kindly explain what the matter is?

These people (and women) deal with "differing opinions" every day, and we're always on the receiving end of the "joke".

This "cancel culture" thing is not what most (white) people (/men) believe it to be. Canceling is a last resort, a way to shut out the noise of people telling you you're less than and all your trauma is your own fault and in your head. Yes, my own father says this to me.

People are educating you gently everywhere, all around you, without canceling anyone. You just have to look and listen.

Book designer, autistic single mom, Human Design obsessive, severely klutzy chef. https://estherpatrizia.com for HD sessions.

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