Hey Richard, this is very inspiring! I find the part about being unkind to yourself bordering on dangerous though. Exactly that is the way I used to treat myself, and it only enforced my victim mindset. I was my own victim, and it took a fuck ton of self love to get out of there. Granted – the other points weren’t on my radar – my only “strategy” was to beat myself up for not doing/being enough. So this would probably work for people who are usually too lax with themselves, favoring the couch over the gym after a long workday. Sure, I felt a lot better when I forced myself to do push-ups even when I was almost conked out, but it wouldn’t have worked the way it did had I talked to myself the way Goggins did. I told myself in those moments to choose myself over comfort. That did the trick. Neither lax nor unkind.

Book designer, autistic single mom, Human Design obsessive, severely klutzy chef. https://estherpatrizia.com for HD sessions.

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